IIA launch Whitepapers "Global Perspectives & Insights : Grappling With Geopolitics"


As part of its continuing efforts to lead development of the  internal audit profession,  The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)   is making available a new series of global thought leadership whitepapers to its members beginning on 18th June 2015.                          

The first Global Perspectives and Insights publication examines how risk at the global level can have substantial and lingering affects at the local level. This glimpse into how geopolitics impacts all organizations looks specifically at how fluctuations in global oil prices can disrupt, disturb, or stress seemingly unrelated business functions. 

It  then delves further into how internal auditors generally can help organizations cope with risks stemming from geopolitical events.

Future issues of Global Perspectives and Insights promise to bring timely, thought-provoking, and insightful articles that offer insight and direction on key issues with perspectives that know no national or regionalboundaries.                 


For more information, please visit  www.globaliia.org 

Access and download the free report by clicking  here

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