IIA Launch The Framework for Internal Audit Effectiveness : The New IPPF


The Framework for Internal Audit Effectiveness:  The New IPPF 

For internal audit to keep up with an ever-changing environment, the newInternational Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) must evolve to effectively support the profession and meet the many challenges ahead— an evolving global risk landscape, changing stakeholder expectations, and legislative and regulatory demands for improved governance, risk management, and internal control.  

Key enhancements to the IPPF include:

  • Introduction of a Mission of Internal Audit.
  • Introduction of Core Principles for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.
  • Transition of Practice Advisories to Implementation Guides.

Learn more about the New IPPF and access the new implementation guides covering IIA Standards 1000: Purpose, Authority, and Responsibility, and 2110: Governance. 

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