Enhances to IIA Global Governance Structure Approved

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Sylvia Gonner – Vice President, Global Certifications


04 June 2018  


CORE COMMUNICATION: Enhances to IIA Global Governance Structure Approved

 We are pleased to announce that The IIA’s global membership has approved the proposed bylaws amendments

during the 2018 Annual Business Meeting (ABM) held on 9 May in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This vote

followed a yearlong initiative to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of The IIA’s global governance

structure, which included several consultations with Affiliates, exposure of the proposed governance changes

to members for comment, and the collection of proxy votes for members unable to attend the ABM.


As the final phase of the governance restructure initiative, all IIA members must now be notified of the

approved bylaw amendments that will be effective July 2019.

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