Practice Guides, GTAG, Implementation Guidance (Thai)

Practice Guides, GTAG, Implementation Guidance (Thai)

ทางสมาคมฯ ได้มีการแปลแนวปฏิบัติ (Practice Guides) GTAG และ Implementation Guidance ฉบับภาษาไทยได้แผยแพร่ทางเว็บไซด์ IIA มีหัวข้อดังนี้

Practice Guides — General

  • Assessing the Risk Management Process
  • Audit Reports: Communicating Assurance Results
  • Engagement Planning: Establishing Objectives and Scope
  • Independence and Objectivity

Practice Guides — GTAG®

  • Auditing Insider Threat Programs
  • Auditing Smart Devices: An Internal Auditor's Guide to Understanding and Auditing Smart Devices
  • Information Technology Risk and Controls, 2nd Edition

Implementation Guidance

  • Code of Ethics

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